The Broadcasting Accessibility Fund (the Fund) is an independent and impartial funding body supporting innovative projects that tangibly increase the accessibility of broadcasting content in Canada. With an initial funding base of $5.7M, The Fund has completed seven rounds of applications since 2015, with grant commitments totaling $4.1M. More information about the Fund can be found at

The Fund is overseen by a 9-person Board of Directors: four Accessibility Group Directors, two Independent Accessibility Directors, two Broadcasting Industry Directors and one Broadcasting Industry (Distribution) Director. Stakeholder groups that have registered with the Fund nominate and elect candidates in their respective categories.

On June 12 2019, the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund held an Annual General Meeting and elected the following new and returning members to sit on the 2019/20 Board of Directors:


Marcia Yale (Chair)
Accessibility Group Director - Sight

Charlene Caines
Independent Accessibility Director

Rajesh Malik
Independent Accessibility Director

Jerry Lucas
Accessibility Group Director - Mobility

Lisa Anderson
Accessibility Group Director – Hearing

Gordon Fletcher
Accessibility Group Director – Cognitive

Soo Kim
Broadcasting Industry Director
Broadcasting Industry

David Bennett
Broadcasting Industry Director
Broadcasting Distribution Undertaking

Brian Perdue
Broadcasting Industry Director 
Broadcasting Industry


I invite your organization to formally register as an Accessibility Group Stakeholder with the Fund.

By registering with the Fund, your organization will be eligible to nominate and vote for a candidate that represents your Group. In addition, your organization will be eligible to nominate and vote for a candidate to serve as an Independent Accessibility Director.

If your organization represents the interests of more than one disability (that is, if you self-identify as a Cross-disability organization), then registration with the Fund will enable you to nominate and vote for a candidate to serve as an Independent Accessibility Director.

Qualifications for Accessibility Group stakeholders and a registration form are set out on our website under Become a Stakeholder and Registration, together with a list of Current Stakeholders  and our current Board of Directors.

If your organization meets the qualifying criteria set out in Become a Stakeholder and is interested in registering with us as an Accessibility Group Stakeholder, please complete the form under Registration and send to Richard Cavanagh, CEO/Funding Officer at You can also reply via ground mail:

                        Broadcasting Accessibility Fund

                        ATTN: Richard Cavanagh

                        251 Loretta Avenue South

                        Ottawa, Ontario

                        K1S 4P6

Qualified groups may register as a stakeholder with the Fund at any time. Shortly after, your organization will receive further information about the nomination and voting process for the Fund’s Board of Directors.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them to or to the above noted mailing address.  If you are interested in obtaining funding from the Fund, you can send a note of interest to the same email or ground mail coordinates.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, I hope you will consider registering with us as an Accessibility Group Stakeholder.

Yours truly,

Marcia Yale

Chair, Broadcasting Accessibility Fund Inc.